I walk the Spiral Path to Wholeness
My Life calling is to help others help themselves
by connecting with Divine Love and Mother Earth
I hold the space of Balance within to bring Peace without
I chose to Dance with Gaia
This is my Sacred Space

As a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, my philosophy is to help you re-connect with your inner healer and really allow you to shine through by releasing stress and letting go of what is holding you back. As all healing is self-healing, are you ready to ignite your healing and reveal your True Self?

I also offer my time as a Intuitive Healer & Guide for Sacred Dance & Sacred Sound Healing Circles. These innovative healing sessions combines meditation & energy raising with spontaneous Sacred Dance or immersion into Sacred Sound to help Re-Awaken and Express your connection to your True Self. In essence, learning to flow with and as a prayer-in-motion & raise awareness through embodiment of our connection to Mother Earth through Sacred Dance and Father Sun through Sacred Sound.
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As an Intuitive Reader & Guide, I offer services to help people "get clear" about what is in there Hearts. By helping people remember Who They Really Are, together we can reveal what must be known Now to align themselves with the Flow of All-That-Is.

About my Services

As a Registered Practitioner since 2012, and Registered Teacher as of 2015 with the Canadian Reiki Association, I can assist in healing on all levels: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. I am currently accepting new clients and students for my Reiki Practice. Sessions can be given in-person (location is flexible, will do house/office calls within city limits at no extra charge), or by distance healing.

A Reiki Healing session offers you an opportunity for healing and if your Soul so chooses it, direct communion & embodiment of your Higher Self/Oversoul. Of course this occurs naturally and is not forced or invoked in any way. Rather, I get “out of the way” and act as a witness and leave myself open to receiving guidance for my clients.

Open Sign-up classes, retreats are planned regularly throughout the year. Sacred Moon Healing Circles are planned on a monthly basis to facilitate letting go, renewal & co-creation (class size is limited to 4-7 people). More detail posted in Events in the Rebirth Section of the website.

I also offer my services as Intuitive Healer,Reader & Guide for energetic clearing of spaces as well as direct Spirit guidance to empower you in the Now without the use of Divination tools such as Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Runes, Pendulums if so desired.

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